Powder Resin


A high performance single-component finish for covering floors, walls and furnishings in your home. Its special formulation allows for different types of finishes with great aesthetic and contemporary design impact. The fast easy application of Powder-resin means obtaining extraordinary results even on large surfaces, creating aesthetic finishes tailored to the style of your home. Powder-resin is a hyper-resistant and easily washable finish, applicable also on exterior surfaces because of its hold which far exceeds the usual tiles. Monolithic, cloudy, scratched, spatula, glossy and many other effects, Powder-resin covers any surface with elegance and modernity.

Available in 2 particle sizes to be able to choose the texture that best reflects the style of your home.

Before application check that the base is compatible, consistent, mature and free of dust, oils, grease, etc. If the base proves inconsistent and brittle, mechanically remove all parts not well anchored and restore the foundation. Mix the product with clean water pouring it into the powder in the prescribed amount without exceeding the percentage indicated, and mix with the mixer at low speed until a smooth paste free of lumps is achieved. Let the product set for about 2-3 minutes before application to ensure good hydration of all the elements in the product. Application must be done with a stainless steel spatula or trowel, or a plastic spatula or trowel, in two coats with a thickness of about 1 mm per layer as follows: apply a coat of Powder-resin about 1 mm thick. Once this is completely dry, if necessary, sand to obtain a smooth surface free of "ridges". Then apply the second layer, and once completely dry, sand if necessary. If a smoother, more closed surface is desired, without altering the material effect, apply another coat of Powder-resin. For floor application it is always advisable to protect the finish with polymeric coating, to make it easily washable.